Built for filmsters

/ˈfɪlm.stɛr/ • film + star • a movie star.

An intensive set of tools built by filmsters.

Crew Management

Search, review and book crew.

Profile Management

Tailor-made profile with a unique profile link.

Production Management

Organise call sheets, locations, and documents.

Sentiment Analysis & Reviews

Match with prospective crew based on the production.

Scene Management

Create and organise scenes from script.

Storyboard Generator

Generate cinematic references for shots.

GENERATED WITH proprietary GENERATive-AI module

Direct Messaging

Seamless collaboration and co-creative tools.

Translations & Captioning

AI-powered instant translations and captioning.

Immersive Location Scouting

Experience collaborative location scouting with Extended Reality.

eyeless™, proprietary technology leverages XR and machine learning

Smart Contracts

Generate secured and automated contracts with blockchain.

Equipment Rental Marketplace

Rent production equipment from the community.

Transparent Payments

Secure and prompt payments after successful job.

Financial Management Tools

Streamline the production budget with robust budgeting tools.

Network Forum

Engage with the film community, job portal, and feed.

Data Analytics & Insights

Gain comprehensive insights from previous projects and bookings.

Premieres & Screenings

Organise and showcase your films in local cinema.

Green Filmmaking Resources

Access resources to support sustainable production.

Industry Relations

Connect with key players and build industry relationships.

Alumni Groups

Connect with alumni from various film schools.

Workshops & Mentoring

Access to exclusive workshops and mentor sessions.